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    Everyone's needs, desires and aspirations are unique. We're here to support people with disability,
    to understand how the NDIS can meet their ongoing needs and plan ahead to achieve their goals.
    Ability Options is able to assist with the following NDIS supports.


    Therapy services for everyone

    We offer a range of comprehensive therapy services for everyone, so you can find the right service
    at the right time. Our focus is on helping you develop skills that will let you get the most out of life.

    We do this by identifying your individual goals, then working with you to help achieve them.

    Early Intervention

    We provide early intervention therapy services for children with an NDIS plan, to support both children and their families with their development.

    Our team will be there to support them with their therapy, whether it’s at home, school, or out in the community.

    Speech Pathology

    Our Speech Pathologists are here to support you in reaching your goals.

    This includes support with speech and language development, augmentive and alternative communication systems, social skills, and eating and drinking.

    Occupational Therapy

    Our Occupational Therapists will work with you to develop and improve your fine motor skills, sensory processing, and all the activities involved with daily living.

    We can also organise home modification and assistive technology to help make your goals more achievable.

    Vocational Counselling & Training and Workshops

    Our councillors will assist regarding workplace instruction, support, training and workshops, preparing you for work and keeping you on the correct path.


    Achieve your mobility goals.

    Our Physiotherapists will support you in developing your movement, strength, and endurance, and provide therapy and special support equipment to help you increase your independence.

    Psychology and Behaviour Support

    Learn how to reach your behaviour, relationship, and mental health goals.

    Our Psychologists will support you along the way with positive behaviour strategies, restrictive practice guidance, and counselling.


    Short term accommodation

    Find a place you can call home

    We have accommodation and independent supported living services to help you find a place to call home. We have a range of services on offer, ranging from units, to purpose-built houses and group homes with 24-hour support. We also run specialised support services if you have more complex needs.

    Ability Options support people from across the Hunter and Mid North Coast Regions through our community partners:

    Day programs

    Our day programs support you in getting more out of life. You can take part in a wide variety of activities to develop new skills and have fun at the same time. We have service on offer for children teens and adults, in a range of programs

    • After-school support, and school holiday programs
    • Adult special interest groups, cooking programs, and more
    • Sport and recreation camps
    • Develop life skills

    Why choose Ability Options

    We are here to support you in reaching your goals

    An experienced provider

    We have got over 40 years of experience supporting adults and children in achieving their goals and assisting them to be included in their local communities.

    Work with a passionate team

    Our qualified, friendly team members genuinely want to make a difference in your life. We use a person-centred framework to provide full-service and meaningful support.

    A personalised approach

    There are no 'one-size'fits-all' plans here. We know that everyone is different, so when you work with us you can expect a personalised support plan that is designed to support you in reaching your goals.

    Wherever you need us

    The Ability Options team supports people from sites and community hubs across the Sydney Metro, Hunter and Mid North Coast Regions and into Regional NSW.

    Easy access, flexible service

    We deliver our services wherever you need them to support you achieve your goals. Whether it’s at home, at work, with your family, or out in the community, we’ve got you covered.

    Quick response

    We won’t keep you waiting. When you contact us, we’ll get back to you within 48 hours so you can book your first appointment.


    Join our list of success stories:

    Kristy, a Case Coordinator with Ability Options worked closely with Julie to understand the services and supports that would be available to her. Once in place, these supports have helped ignite a positive and confident adjustment in Julie.

    Since working with Kristy, Julie has developed skills including managing her house work, learning the ukulele and mastering her iPhone. These skills are helping her lead an independent, happy and fulfilling life.


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