Occupational Therapists play a crucial role in enabling people with disability to identify and implement methods that support their participation in everyday life.
Following an amputation, Alison started working with Ability Options Occupational Therapist, Anne O’ Neill to improve her mobility. After completing the required assessment for a wheelchair, Anne engaged with a wheelchair supplier so that Alison could try different models. Once they found the right fit, an order was placed, and a wheelchair was hired for interim use.
While Alison’s new wheelchair was delivered to Anne in March, they were unable to hand it over to her until COVID-19 restrictions eased.
When she did finally receive her new wheelchair, she was glad that it was a perfect fit. Alison’s Support Coordinator, Physiotherapist, and Occupational Therapist worked together to deliver the wheelchair with all safety measures in place.
Alison is thrilled about her new wheelchair – it is easy to manoeuvre, comfortable, and she loves the colour she picked. The wheelchair will not only facilitate her mobility and independence, but it will also improve her quality of life.
“She is now able to self-propel much quicker than before, can turn on the spot, and flip back her armrests to allow her to sit close into tables when she goes out to local cafes,” said Anne. You can’t wipe the smile off Alison’s face now!
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