Ability Options recently supported participant Lynda move into her new home after spending six years living in a nursing home, and along the way she was able to reinvigorate a long-held joy of riding motorcycles.

Lynda had been wanting to move out of the nursing home for a long time. She was not happy living there and felt she had completely lost her independence. Lynda, whose son lives in Port Macquarie, wanted to return to the Mid-North Coast town, so that she can live closer to him.

She connected with our Accommodation team who supported her in finding a property that met her needs. When a vacancy in one of our group homes became available, Lynda, with Ability Options’ support, secured her spot and gathered all her belongings to prepare for the big move. When Lynda arrived at her new home, Ability Options staff assisted her in settling into her new environment.

Since moving in, Lynda’s confidence has improved significantly and is enjoying gaining her independence and life back. She visits her son regularly and often participates in activities she hasn’t been able to do whilst living in the nursing home, such as cooking and doing her own laundry. Her son is happy to hear she is enjoying her new lifestyle and hopes Ability Options will take good care of her.

“Ever since my mum moved back to Port Macquarie, I have noticed a huge difference in her overall wellbeing. She is always cheerful whenever she visits me and can talk for hours in our conversations. The most important thing for me is to see my mum happy. I do have faith in Ability Options and hope she will continue to live a happy and meaningful life under their care.” 

Lynda is blessed to have her Support Worker, Dean, as part of her life, who plans and engages her in activities she may enjoy. One activity Lynda enjoys most is riding motorcycles. She told Dean she used to ride motorcycles in the past and how much she enjoyed it. After learning about her favourite hobby, Dean searched around locally for a tour company that takes people on motorcycle rides. He came across Heff at Epic Rides and Tours, and organised a tour for Lynda, much to her excitement.

Lynda went on her first tour around the Mid-North Coast’s coastline, where she enjoyed riding on the motorcycle while admiring the beautiful scenery. She also enjoyed a brief stopover at a café in Lighthouse Beach and braved the rain on the way back home.

Lynda thoroughly enjoyed the tour and thanked Heff for providing a memorable experience. She is enjoying her new life in Port Macquarie and cannot wait to take part in more fun activities.

“Moving back to Port Mac was the best decision I made. I feel very independent again and am having lots of fun trying out new activities, as well as revisiting old hobbies. Riding the motorcycle with Heff was lots of fun and I cannot wait to see what else my new neighbourhood has to offer.”   

Dean is glad to see that Lynda has settled in well. He is happy to see she had a great time on the tour and looks forward to continuing to support her in achieving her goals.

“I feel very privileged in supporting Lynda as her Support Worker. Being a part of her life has allowed me to get to know her as a person, as well as learn about her interests. Watching her riding on the motorcycle and seeing the smile on her face brought lots of joy to my heart and I’m glad I was able to be a part of helping her achieve her goal. I and the rest of the team are very lucky to have Lynda as a resident in our home and cannot wait to continue to support her in achieving her goals and providing her with a fun and enjoyable life on the Mid-North Coast.” 

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