This farm style block has a beautiful setting that is an absolute delight. 
This home is fully air-conditioned featuring ample sunlight, grasslands and offers plenty of opportunities to live in a rural setting close to nature with a large range of chickens, peacocks and other birds which are cared for by the residents. 

Property Features

Quiet rural setting complimented by a Coastal Lifestyle, plenty of animals to feed and look after
Plenty of outdoor space.
Fully air-conditioned.
10mins away from Nelson Bay and local beaches.
Wheelchair accessible van provided

Property Details

Support Active
Staff Ratio Dependent on SIL
Home Type Single Story
Current Resident Profile 1 Female and 3 Males of varied age groups, verbal.
Enjoys feeding animals, swimming, shopping, socializing and being outdoors
Access Small step at the front – can be modified
Bedrooms 5
Bathrooms 1
Staff Skillset
- Epilepsy Management
- Diabetes
- Manual Handling
- Medication Management
- Behaviour Support
- Restricted Practices
- Dementia and aged care supports
- Positive participant inclusion
- Mealtime time management