With advancements in technology giving people the ability to access important pieces of information wherever they are, there’s no longer a need for employees to work in an office to be productive. Flexible working arrangements allow employees to negotiate a less rigid working arrangement to improve work-life balance and their overall contribution to their company.

If your business and its employees are struggling with long commutes, conflicting schedules, and poor productivity; perhaps you should look at the benefits that a flexible working arrangement can have on you and your workers.

1. Reduced costs

One of the biggest benefits of flexible working arrangements, particularly for large organisations, is the ability to save on costs. Direct costs that contribute to keeping an employee at a desk, including internet use and general office expenses, are significantly reduced if the employee works from home or with limited office hours. There’s also the ability for a business to reduce real estate costs simply by cutting down on individual office spaces and utilising a shared or co-working environment.

2. Increased productivity

By cutting out long or expensive commute times and allowing employees to work in their own space, you’re encouraging them to become more productive by using time otherwise spent in traffic to focus on their work. According to new research, working from home is considered to be the most productive office space for workers. The global survey explains how workers tend to be less distracted when they’re working from home and are more productive simply because they get to choose the environment that best boosts their productivity.

In today’s modern workplace, shared spaces and open-planned offices can be distracting for some people; with colleagues, meetings, phones, and the strict regime of 9-5 working hours causing endless interruptions. Other workplaces are using flexible working arrangements to allow employees to have later start times to avoid morning peak-hour traffic. By doing this, workers don’t have to worry about being late and can use their working hours to fully commit to being productive.

3. Improved work culture

One of the biggest reasons businesses and employees are desiring flexible work schedules is because it boosts overall morale and engagement within the workplace. By allowing employees to have a better work-life balance, you’re encouraging them to become happier and more fulfilled in their personal lives, as well as having them hold their work in much higher regard. An increase in employee happiness, engagement, and morale means more productive employees. If an employee is happy with their work situation, there’s less chance of them looking for employment elsewhere.

4. Diverse teams

Diverse teams have been proven to be more productive and more creative, and flexible working arrangements allow workers of all backgrounds to be included and to cooperate effectively. Working parents, individuals with a physical disability, or those who cannot work in a traditional office are able to provide their talents, outlooks, and ideas from the comfort of their own space. By providing a flexible working arrangement, you’re encouraging a more diverse talent pool to apply, leading to a far more creative and productive business.

5. Better retention

The more satisfied and engaged your employees are, the less chance of them seeking work elsewhere. Studies have shown that even the occasional use of flexible working arrangements significantly improves an employee’s satisfaction with their workplace, making them more likely to remain with their current employer for longer.

Studies have also shown that millennials regard flexibility within the workplace of higher importance than income and are more likely to stay with a company if they’re given this option. By offering a flexible workplace, you’re helping to prevent or reduce employee turnover and the added costs of regular recruitment that coincide with turnover.

6. Better recruitment

Offering a flexible working arrangement gives you as an employer more options and a greater talent pool to hire from. If you advertise your business as being obliging toward flexible working hours and encouraging work-life balance, you’re going to attract all types of workers as people who are working or studying part-time may be more enticed to apply.

Working parents, single parents, and those who have to travel significant distances are also given the opportunity to apply without fear of being overlooked. Individuals who are genuinely interested in joining your company may feel more at ease in being upfront about their current working requirements from the beginning of the recruitment process. By lessening their worries about being rejected, you’re attracting individuals who may be of real value to your company regardless of their personal situation.

Consider a flexible working arrangement for your business

It’s always in your business’ best interests to be more employee-friendly and to give workers the flexibility that they want or need. By trusting employees to carry their work home with them and offering them a better work-life balance, you’re fostering higher morale with your workers and are creating a more positive workplace.

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