If you, or someone you care for are looking for work, Olympus Solutions – the employment division of Ability Options can help. As a DES provider we support both job seekers and employers across NSW. These DES services are provided at no cost to you.

If you’re eligible for DES and looking to prepare for work, or just continuing your job search, you’re in the right place.

We can also support employers with sustainable recruitment, keeping skilled staff and building a diverse and inclusive workforce.

So, whether you’re looking to land a job that’s right for you, or looking to build a more inclusive work team, we’re here to help you every step of the way.  

I’m looking for a job, how can DES help me? 

Our team of Employment Specialists work closely with you to help you find the right job, with a focus on your skills and strengths. Together, we will create a Job Plan that meets your current needs and goals, improves your skills, or helps you learn something new. It’s about getting to know you and your story. 

The Job Plan is just the beginning of your journey – working side by side we create a rewarding experience to help you meet all your employment goals. 

As part of DES, we will support you to:  

  1. Prepare your resume and write cover letters 
  2. Search for jobs 
  3. Access computers, printers and other technology to support your job search and preparation 
  4. Develop your skills and help you access the latest courses or learning programs with financial support 
  5. Prepare for job interviews including financial support for clothing 
  6. Connect with our exclusive network of employers to help you succeed in your new job 
  7. Arrange workplace modifications or additional supports such as counselling 
  8. Help you stay employed once you start in your new role 


We’re ready to help today 

With over 30 offices across NSW, our DES team supports thousands of people looking for meaningful work each year.  

Our Employment Specialists will introduce you to employers who will value your contribution and your role in their business.  

So, if you’re keen to get started let us help you find the right job. Contact us. 

I’m an employer, how can DES help me? 

As an employer, you may want to hire a person with disability but are not sure where to start. Our team can help guide you through the recruitment process, supporting you to build a skilled and diverse team along the way.  

Within our established network of employers, many return to fill more jobs each year using our free professional services.  

As a government-funded DES provider, we can help to: 

  • Source talent, work on retaining your staff and developing your workforce 
  • Plan and design jobs that are suitable for different candidates with disability 
  • Manage all your recruitment needs 
  • Organise workplace assessments and modifications  
  • Access wage subsidies 
  • Develop learning sessions for your teams to improve awareness and build an inclusive culture 
  • Support both you and your new employees once they start work and on an ongoing basis 
  • We may also be able to support existing staff to maintain their employment through Work Assist


Why take part in the DES program? 

People with disability want to work but simply need to be given a chance. There are many benefits to employing people with disability, including: 

  • Access to a broader talent pool that brings a diverse range of skills and abilities as well as new and valuable perspectives to the workplace 
  • People with disability take fewer days off, take less sick leave and have a higher retention rate than other workers 
  • Once in the right job, people with disability are just as productive as their team mates 
  • Being a disability confident organisation means you are better able to communicate with customers with disability, enhancing customer service across your business 
  • Improved corporate social responsibility where customers view businesses that hire people with disability more positively 
  • Stronger workplace morale and productivity through a more committed and diverse workplace 

Our commitment to you 

We will work with you to fully understand your staffing requirements and only recommend people that are right for your business. Ability Options will also provide ongoing job support for both you and your new staff member.

We’re ready to help today 

Our Employer Servicing Team is ready to work with you in finding your ideal candidates.  

Contact us on 1300 422 454.