Here at Ability Options, we believe that no one should feel held back from achieving their goals, finding their passions, or enjoying the simplicity of everyday life. If you need one-on-one support at home or help to get out and about in the community, our team can support you.

Our support workers act as both a guide and a friend to help you in every way so you can get on with life and achieve the goals that mean the most to you. Our highly supportive team will always encourage you to think and dream big when it comes to your lifestyle goals — no matter how big or small they may be.

Some lifestyle skills come easier than others, but that doesn’t mean you should miss out. Whether you need support to access local community activities or make new friends, Ability Options is your number one resource.

But our support isn’t only limited to within the community. Our highly trained staff also provide in-home disability care, helping you become independent and exercise more control over your life, from preparing meals to cleaning.

What community and in-home disability supports are available?

We know that no two people have the same needs and goals, so we take a personal approach to our community and in-house disability support. Before starting services, we like to get to know you and understand your needs. It’s not just about the support you need but about getting to know your interests, likes and dislikes so we can find the right support workers for you.

Once we’ve understood who you are and match you with the right support worker, you’ll then work together to set goals and develop a sustainable plan to reach them.

To help you gain more confidence and build on your everyday life skills, we can support you to:

  • Get ready in the morning or at any time of day that suits you — We help you establish a realistic morning routine, from getting dressed to preparing breakfast and anything else in between.
  • Go out shopping and attend medical appointments — Whether you need to pick up your weekly groceries, stay on top of medical appointments or just want to spend the day outside, our support workers can help you get ready and step out with confidence.
  • Cook and clean at home — Nothing says independence like being able to choose what you want to eat every day. We help you develop your cooking skills, so you can learn how to prepare meals for yourself regularly. Our support workers will also help you keep your home in top shape and teach you the basics of cleaning.
  • Go out in the community and meet new people — Getting out and socialising with new crowds can be a daunting experience for most people. Our support workers help reduce any anxieties or concerns you may have by preparing you for real-life experiences.
  • Catch public transport — Whether you need to head into the city or want to visit friends, we offer support and guidance around catching public transport. Plus, we’ll ensure you’re comfortable and prepared for any challenges that may come along the way.

Our support workers are passionate people who are fully trained in helping people from different backgrounds with different needs and interests. You can also choose which support worker is right for you and how you would like to be supported so that you have choice and control over your life.

Where do we deliver these services?

We provide our support at home and in the community across several locations, including Greater Sydney, the Central Coast, the Hunter Region and the Mid-North Coast.

Ability Options has been providing in-home disability care for many years and has the experience to help you become your most confident self. To find out more about support at home and in the community, contact us or fill out the form below today.

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