Our policies and processes help us meet our legal and government requirements and deliver quality services.

Where possible, we use Easy Read Policies to explain why Ability Options does something and how we go about doing it. We use plain English and common images to make important information easy to understand. More Easy Read Policies will continue to be added to our website, so please check back regularly.


Legislative Compliance Framework – Policy Statement

We comply with national and state legislation, accreditation frameworks, regulations, codes of practice and standards governing the organisation and its activities.

Read our statement of commitment here: Legislative Compliance Framework – Policy.


Modern Slavery Statement

This document describes our current position in addressing modern slavery risks for our 2021-2022 reporting period, it further outlines a number of key focusses moving forward.

Read our Modern Slavery Statement.


Quality Policy Statement

Ability Options is committed to quality services benchmarked against national and international standards of best practice.

Read our statement of commitment here: Quality Policy.


Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) – Statement of Commitment

Ability Options is committed to protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of our people, volunteers, contractors and the people we support.

Read our statement of commitment here: Workplace Health and Safety (WHS).


Privacy and confidentiality

Ability Options acknowledges every person’s right to privacy while recognising that personal information is required to be collected, maintained and administered in order to provide a safe working environment and a high standard of quality. Our Privacy statement contains more information about our responsibilities, your rights, the information that may be collected by Ability Options, and how it would be used.


Whistleblower Policy

Ability Options is committed to the highest standards of transparency, probity and accountability. Our Whistleblower protection arrangements form a core pillar of our corporate governance framework.

Read our statement of commitment here: Whistleblower Policy.

Your Rights and Safety Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan Terms and Conditions

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