Trauma Informed Practice emphasises physical, emotional and psychological safety, in environments, interactions and service structures. It is a strengths-based framework that acknowledges the impacts of trauma while providing a roadmap to improved service design and delivery.

Structured from this evidence-based framework, Ability Options Trauma Informed Training helps staff to recognise trauma and learn how to respond with service that is effective and person-centred, as well as harnessing these understandings to support their own wellbeing.

Ability Options Trauma Informed Training is delivered in two different streams:

  • Training for Care & Social Sector – targeted to a workforce who regularly work with clients who may have experienced complex trauma.
  • Training for Customer Service & Private Sector – targeted to a workforce may experience challenging customer interactions including banking, finance and retail.

These workshops can be delivered face to face and virtually through face to digital video conference.


Benefits of a Trauma Informed Training

Increasing the awareness, knowledge and competency of your workforce to engage with customers through a trauma informed lense will support the delivery of services that are effective, respectful and person centred.

A trauma informed approach to customer service can improve consultant and client relationships by:

  • building trust
  • reducing negative encounters
  • reducing potential for escalation
  • providing a safe environment of shared understanding and collaboration

This helps support positive organisational outcomes in terms of customer experience and retention as well as increasing staff moral and their confidence to manage challenging customer interactions.



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