You may just want to have fun and connect with new people or develop your skills to become more independent – maybe a bit of both!  Whatever your goals, we can help you work towards them and get better connected to your local community. 

Who can participate? 

People of all ages can be a part of Ability Options’ community and social activities. We tailor groups to make sure you spend time with people close to your age and with similar interests. 

What activities can I do?  

Start a new hobby, meet friends and connect with your community by getting involved in: 

  • Inclusive Disco Social Events
  • Visits to parks, cinemas and clubs 
  • Bowling  
  • Visiting farms to see and touch animals  
  • Social gatherings and events including discos, dinners and special events 
  • Beach walks, sailing and fishing 
  • Music jam sessions 
  • Dance classes 
  • Crafting and creativity 
  • Life skills, including cooking, shopping and budgeting, and learning how to travel in your neighbourhood and beyond 
  • Weekend activities, including day trips, theatre shows, harbour cruises 
  • BBQs and picnics 
  • Two to three night holidays 
  • Centre based activities – for those that want to socialise and learn skills in the comfort of Ability Options spaces 

You can join activities where it suits you best – Greater Sydney, the NSW Central Coast and Hunter Region or the Mid-North Coast. 


Make your own group 

If you have ideas about activities you would like to try, we’re always open to starting new groups and connecting with community members that can make it happen. You might even want to invite some of your friends and be supported as a group to have a whole lot of fun together. We can help by creating a program that suits you and your friends and provide the support staff and transport as needed. 


Join Us

There are many ways people can access our community & social activities. They are available to anyone who receives a funding package from the NDIS. In your NDIS plan, this could be listed under your Core budget in assistance with social and community participation. There are also options to pay for the service if you don’t have a plan. 

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