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Our recruitment and workplace support services for employers and businesses are provided by Olympus Solutions. They deliver collaborative and innovative employment services on behalf of Ability Options.

How we help employers looking for staff

We’re here to find the right people for your business, at no cost to you! We offer employment services to a wide range of businesses across NSW. This is all thanks to our supportive and experienced Employer Servicing Team.

We work with employers across a variety of industries, including healthcare, social assistance, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, construction, and office administration. With more than thirty offices across NSW and a strong talent pool, we can help you hire the right person for your team to get the job done.

Our customer focused Employer Servicing Model puts you, and the staff you need, at the centre of everything we do. Think of us as your free recruitment specialists!


Our Employer Servicing Model

Define needs: We spend time to listen to what you need. Sometimes it’s not just about finding the right people but about the broader business challenges and objectives, too.

Develop plan: After understanding your needs, challenges and objectives we develop a plan that will help us meet your recruitment goals.

Discover candidates: We promote your business, and talent needs, to both existing networks and the broader community. Depending on the agreed plan, you may want to participate in the recruitment process or leave the hard work to us.

Deploy talent: Once we find the right people, we help place them in your business. This means supporting both your business and the new talent to transition smoothly to work together.

Drive engagement: Ongoing support is offered after placement for both the new staff and your business, to ensure any challenges are overcome and the new work relationship is sustainable. We also work with you to find out how we can improve the current plan and continue supporting your recruitment needs.

By partnering with community organisations, we can create even more employment opportunities. You’ll have access to shared best practices from many community groups and other employers. This all works towards better outcomes for you and your new staff.


Post Placement Support Team

Our Post Placement Support Team supports job seekers and any new employees with assistance once they have landed their job. Once your new staff are on board, our helpful team will keep in touch with you both regularly. This way we can offer any additional supports that are needed and help work through any challenges that may come up.

The extra support can help both you and your new recruit succeed!

Work Assist

Do you have staff struggling at work?

If your staff are at risk of losing their job due to life challenges, injury, disability, or health condition, our free Work Assist program can offer support. Not only do we support people to stay employed, but our service is tailored to the individual.

Additional therapy, counselling and workplace modifications can make a big difference to you, your staff and your business. Our skilled job support consultants will provide advice and assistance that meets everyone’s needs.


How does the program work?

1. Your job support consultant will meet with you to identify the challenges preventing your staff from performing their duties and maintaining their employment. We can work with both you and your staff member or just the staff member directly.

2. Next, we provide advice and assistance to you and your employee, including strategies to overcome these challenges for a minimum of six months.

3. We can also work with your broader team to increase awareness.


To be eligible for Work Assist, your employee needs to be:

  • Currently employed – working at least eight hours a week
  • Not studying full-time
  • Have worked at least eight hours per week for 13 consecutive weeks
  • Be an Australian resident or be a Temporary Protection Visa (TBV) or Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV) holder
  • Aged between 14–65
  • At risk of having a reduction in work hours, or loss of employment due to the impact of an injury, illness or health condition.

Apprenticeships and Traineeships

We understand that apprenticeships and traineeships can be a minefield for employers. This is where we can help. We can deal with the complexity so you can support people to gain valuable skills for long-term employment and see whether the apprentice or trainee is the right fit for your business.

Become a work for the dole host

Work for the Dole is an initiative to assist people looking for work to gain new skills and to feel they are a part of the workforce. It’s part of the Australian Government’s jobactive employment service.

If you are a not-for-profit, local council or government agency you could become a Work for the Dole host.


Work for the dole really assists job seekers:

  • Gain recent experience to prepare for rejoining the workforce
  • Learn new skills and put their existing skills into practice
  • And best of all to get motivated.

Find out more at the Australian Government Work for the Dole website for jobseekers.


Work for the dole really helps organisations too:

  • Support people who are looking for work to gain new skills and expertise
  • Showcase corporate leadership and diversity in your organisation.
  • Make a positive corporate contribution to your community.
  • You may find a potential new employee – and you’ll know if they’re right for your business.

Find out more about becoming a host at the Australian Government Work for the Dole host organisation website.

Our Work for the Dole team is based across Sydney and on the Central Coast. We’re here to assist you in identifying suitable activities and to become a Work for the Dole host.

For more information about becoming a host please call us on 1300 422 454 or fill out the form below.

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