As one of the largest disability and employment service providers in New South Wales, Ability Options is committed to providing people with supportive and thoughtful services so that no one is ever left without a path forward. We firmly believe that everyone deserves a chance to live life fully engaged and connected to what they do on a daily basis. 

Get the employment support you need with Ability Options

We provide resources — from peer support to personalised career planning and more — tailored to each individual’s needs. We strive to make every journey meaningful — emphasising capacity building, choice, control and self-determination within the disability sector. It’s our goal to provide unique support to those who may not have access to traditional assistance programs. 

Let Ability Options help create a customised plan around your needs and get motivated with the right support today.


Disability support that makes achieving your goals a little easier

Ability Options is dedicated to empowering those with disabilities, from providing accommodation and involving them in communities to supporting their goals and dreams. We help bridge gaps and guide those individuals towards new and exciting opportunities in Australia. This has been made possible by our dedicated team, passionate about unlocking potential directions within the workplace, out of it and creating sustainable advantages that last for years. 

We want everyone to know that special needs do not equal a lack of ability but open bolder pathways towards success. Our help and support lead each person towards realising their greatest dreams.


You are the centre of our world. We’re here to help you get what you want out of life.

Because each person has their own journey, our services ensure zero exclusions. Not only do we help people of all backgrounds achieve their goals — we value their dreams and hopes and listen to their stories. 

We strive for independence so people can take control of their own lives by providing quality service and assistance in realising ambitions — all while fostering positive relationships with our customers so that you always feel a sense of belonging when engaging with us. 

Ability Options can ensure you get the most out of life. Contact us today to get started creating yours.


Unlock your inner potential today with Ability Options

At Ability Options, we unlock possibilities and break down barriers for people. Our team makes clients’ aspirations a reality by offering personalised accommodation, community involvement and employment services that support full inclusion. Our values — trust, respect, inclusion, courage and leadership — guide our daily work. We envision communities encouraging opportunity and choice while supporting self-determination. Regardless of your skill level or circumstance, we want to help you achieve your goals and dreams. 

With our person-focused approach to helping everyone reach their maximum potential, we guarantee that you will be delighted. Whether you’re looking for disability support services or employment opportunities — Ability Options has your back! Take advantage of our offerings today and join us on this journey as we strive towards building better lives.

Partnerships and Affiliations

NDS is Australia’s peak industry body for non-government disability services, servicing members at local, state and national levels.

Partnering to create better housing solutions for young people with disability in the Hunter.

Setting a new standard in accommodation so that people with disability can live life to the fullest.

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Olympus Solutions is a partnership with Ability Options where each organisation brings its own skills and experience to provide specialised employment services for the community.

Ability Options is a proud supporter of the Teamwork Works Campaign. We invite you to join the campaign calling for a strong NDIS!

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