We do our best to be the very best, and we can only do that with your feedback.

We encourage anyone to contact us about their experiences with Ability Options, both good and bad. This helps us to improve our services for everyone. One way you can share your feedback or complaints is through the form below. However there are other ways too:

  • Paper form
  • Give us a call – 1300 424 454
  • Online form – below

You can choose to be anonymous (remain unknown to us) through the process. However if it is a complaint or you would like us to reach out to you, we will need your contact details. Please know that we will treat your information confidentially and keep you informed about what we are doing throughout the process. If there is a need to share the information you have provided with other relevant people, we will first ask you.


What is feedback?

Thoughts or concerns that may not require a response from Ability Options. It can also include ideas to improve the way we do things.


What is a complaint?

Any unhappiness, frustration or discontent about Ability Options related to its services or service quality, decisions, policies, procedures, charges or fees, employees or the complaint handling process itself. Complaints may be simple, complex or serious. When a complaint has been submitted, Ability Options is committed to listening and responding in a timely manner.

Feedback & Complaints

Would you prefer to speak to someone outside of Ability Options?

If we cannot help you with a problem and you are unhappy about this, you can call someone who does not work for the Ability Options Community, including:

NDIS Quality and Safeguard Commission

Phone: 1800 035 544
Website: https://www.ndiscommission.gov.au/

iCare (for LTC funded participants)

Phone: 1300 738 586

The NSW Ombudsman

Phone: 1800 451 524
Website: https://www.ombo.nsw.gov.au/

Registrar of Community Housing

Phone: 1800 330 940
Website: https://www.rch.nsw.gov.au/contact-us

Aged Care Complaints Commissioner

Phone: 1800 550 552
Website: https://www.agedcarecomplaints.gov.au

Do you know someone who could benefit from our services?

Refer them to Ability Options to help them get the support they want and deserve.

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