Kathryn commenced with our DES program in 2019. Over the past three years, Kathryn has faced challenges in employment, due to a neck and spinal disorder and resulting health barriers. Her ambition towards suitable work was just warming up. Through many adversities during this COVID time, she kept searching for employment through differing levels of physical health and wellbeing.


Come the middle of July, Kathryn had landed a role with SOS cleaning as a domestic cleaner for NDIS homes. Now working three days per week, Kathryn is enjoying her new role throughout the pandemic. She managed to find employment very quickly, is working independently, and continues to push the boundaries in her work in NDIS homes.


In a great display of bravery, she overcomes test after test while working individually. She continues to build a rapport with people in the houses she cleans and is continually developing skills outside her comfort zone. Her role has boosted her confidence, empowered her, and is especially rewarding during this uncertain time.


Kathryn says she is happy with her job and feels very confident, especially after being out of employment for a quite some time. She has even overcome the difficulty of climbing stairs while at work. She has truly continued to persevere. Having stated that Ability Options has done a lot for her, even before being with other providers, she is truly prepared to overcome and take on anything that may come her way. In all her accomplishments, Kathryn has a bright new beginning, which is something she will be able to celebrate each and every day in her life.

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