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  • Shannon's Story

    Shannon's Story

    Shannon has always had a love for cars, whether it’s driving them, or keeping up with the latest brands, models, you name it, Shannon is in the know.

    With this passion and dedication to cars, he completed a Certificate 2 in Automotive Services at TAFE in 2016 and then began searching for a role. Initially, without experience it was challenging to get his foot in the door.

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  • Amrita's Story

    Amrita's Story

    Amrita was seeking to work for a growing company with a friendly and supportive team and an inclusive culture. 

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  • Alexander's Story

    Alexander's Story

    Alex is a capable young man who had a great deal of determination to turn his life around. Since engaging with Olympus Solutions Gosford in June 2016, he has successfully commenced employment at Air Brake Systems at Hornsby as a Warehouse Assistant. Alex performed very well on the job. All he needed was a little support in the right direction.

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  • Dress for Work Story

    Dress for Work Story

    Recently our Seven Hills WorkReady program participants were invited to attend either Dress for Work in Bankstown or Fitted for Work in Parramatta.

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  • Nikola's Story

    Nikola's Story

    Our Employment Liaison Consultant, Alan, was able to find Nikola a suitable position as a construction cleaner in the nursery industry with Robb Bill. To ensure the employment was suitable to Nikola’s abilities, Alan wilfully explained Nikola’s barriers to ensure the duties of the position were manageable.

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  • Brendan's Story

    Brendan's Story

    Brendan was a participant in the Ability Options WorkReady program. Parramatta based, Ability Options Employer Liaison Consultant, Larry, received a job opportunity for a General Hand position at Anytime Fitness and working closely with the Ability Options WorkReady team, he put forward Brendan for work experience.

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  • Emma's Story

    Emma's Story

    Emma started WorkReady at Ability Options in January 2017 funded by the NDIS. Ability Options WorkReady services reverse marketed Emma to childcare Centre’s as Emma was interested in Childcare and gained a work experience placement at Lapstone Preschool and has been attending for 6 months one day per week.

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  • Appreciation Day at Grill’d

    Appreciation Day at Grill’d

    Participants from Ability Options WorkReady Parramatta, Penrith, and Seven Hills embarked on a trip to Grill’d in Rouse Hill for an Appreciation Celebration Lunch. As part of the day, the WorkReady participants worked on making new friends, appreciating the achievements of those who have participated in work experience at Grill’d, and building on their time management skills when using public transport to ensure the day ran smoothly.

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  • John's Story

    John's Story

    John was long term unemployed, and hadn’t worked for 15 years. Since registering with Olympus Solutions, John slowly gained his confidence, started to believe in himself and made plans to return to the workforce.

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  • Thomas Story

    Thomas Story

    Thomas joined the WorkReady Youth Program at Seven Hills with the hopes of achieving his goals of completing a hospitality course and obtaining work experience in the hospitality industry.

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  • Colin's Story

    Colin's Story

    Colin registered with Ability Options almost two years ago as a voluntary client living on the Disability Support Pension. Working closely with Colin and understanding his capabilities, goals and interests, Ability Options Parramatta, contacted a local well-known horse trainer, who was willing to give Colin a chance.

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  • Corey's Story

    Corey's Story

    Ability Options participant Corey attended work experience at Macarthur Pets & Reptiles Store in Campbelltown. This is his first work experience since attending Ability Options. Corey has an interest in animals and animal care, which led him to a work experience opportunity at Macarthur Pets.

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  • Takeshi’s Story

    Takeshi’s Story

    Japanese jobseeker Takeshi was unemployed for close to two years. As English was Takeshi’s second language, he found it difficult to find work and this became a significate barrier to employment for him. Olympus Solutions assisted Takeshi in addressing his language barrier, supporting him in completing a Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program until his English was at a suitable level for employment purposes.

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  • Dean's Story

    Dean's Story

    Ability Options matched Dean to a job as a general labourer with South Western Sydney based construction company, OZ-WIDE BUILDING INSULATION owned by Joseph & Mary Bounassif.

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  • Outback Steakhouse

    Outback Steakhouse

    Congratulations to Mike Hicks and his team at Outback Steakhouse - Penrith, finalists in Most Inclusive Employer category for the Penrith City Local Business Awards.

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    TOTAL TOOLS (IMPORTING) were all set to open a new store in Brookvale as part of their expansion into NSW. As the Brookvale site was TOTAL TOOLS’ first extension into NSW, they wanted to partner with a local organisation with knowledge of local jobseekers and chose to partner with Olympus Solution for their recruitment needs.

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  • Adam's Story

    Adam's Story

    Adam came to Ability Options after his employment started to slow down and shifts became scarce. His health condition made it difficult for him to concentrate and he had lost motivation, he was worried that he may not be able to find work.

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  • Graham's Story

    Graham's Story

    Graham switched to Olympus Solutions from another provider, commencing with us in May 2017. His initial appointment coincided with a jobseeker focused marketing day being facilitated onsite at The Entrance so the site was busy with lots of activities, workshops, Q & A sessions and people focused on finding jobs.

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  • Gabrielle's Story

    Gabrielle's Story

    'I am employed as a Room Attendant by AHS Hospitality Group who hold a contract with the Atura Hotel and I’ve been working here since 2014. 

    I really enjoy the work as there is always lots of different kinds of work to do. Every day is different and I have responsibility for making sure each guest room looks clean and immaculate.

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  • Simon's Story

    Simon's Story

    Simon particularly enjoyed participating in the WorkReady programs specifically designed to support him in finding and keeping a job such as work experience. 

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  • Ashlee's Story

    Ashlee's Story

    Ashlee is 18 years old with a passion and interest for a career in childcare but was finding it difficult to get an opportunity for paid employment.

    Ashlee was informed about the new PaTH program and was happy to participate as she realised that if she did well in the Internship, it would be likely she would gain the job and commence paid employment.

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  • Augus's Story

    Augus's Story

    Before I started at Leura Garage, I was moving through jobs and I didn’t hold a job for very long due to having Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and had built up lots of barriers that stopped me from doing things. 

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  • James, Owner at Leura Garage

    James, Owner at Leura Garage

    Angus came here through Ability Options, we were looking for somebody to do the morning set up, which is largely cleaning and setting up restaurant equipment, tables, cleaning the floors.

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  • Christian's Story

    Christian's Story

    Christian didn’t excel at traditional schooling so focused his energy into the industry preparation skill building classes offered through his high school and run by Michael from All Sweeper Hire.

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  • Kevork's Story

    Kevork's Story

    Kevork resettled in Australia almost six months ago as a Syrian refugee. In Syria he had worked as a former and fitter machinist running a successful business specialising in the manufacturing of plastic moulds and car parts.

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  • Shalvey Community Centre Story

    Shalvey Community Centre Story

    Shalvey residents have recently started to notice a productive veggie garden taking shape at the Shalvey Community Centre, with many complimenting Carol, the Centre Manager, for making the environment more appealing for their children. 

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  • Anthony at Nova Springwater

    Anthony at Nova Springwater

    I got my job through Ability Options, I had been moving around from job to job and wasn’t going too well. Eventually I decided to make a change, I pulled my head out and started working hard. I have been here at Nova Springwater for a quite a few years.

    More about Anthony at Nova Springwater

  • Matt's Story

    Matt's Story

    I’ve been working here at Wetlands Nursery for six and a half years. I start work at 8:00am and finish at 4:30 and work three days a week. I like working here, being outside, it's quiet and every day is different.

    More about Matt's Story

  • Andrew's Story

    Andrew's Story

    Congratulations Andrew for your successful month of training at Woolworths! We are pleased to hear that you’re loving it, and everyone there is praising your dedication, attention to detail and fast paced work style.

    More about Andrew's Story

  • Kaori's Story

    Kaori's Story

    Kaori started in her position at the end of January, following two weeks work trial with her new employer. In preparation for this, Kaori also received support from the employment advisor at jobactive provider Olympus Solutions to enrol in a TAFE Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program and to improve her conversational English skills.

    More about Kaori's Story

  • Jake's Story

    Jake's Story

    Jake did a one week work trial and impressed his prospective employer with his passion for the trade and hunger to learn. As a result he is now employed as an apprentice baker at Baker’s Delight.

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  • Louise's Story

    Louise's Story

    After two months of hard work and dedication, Louise is now approaching her three months milestone as part of the team at The Legal Grind café in Parramatta. Ability Options' Disability Employment Services (DES) team is grateful to have been part of Louise's great journey and also very proud of her achievement.

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  • Stacey's Story

    Stacey's Story

    The apprentice chef role at Hog’s Breath is Stacey's first job since leaving school and she was thrilled to be given the opportunity to work in an industry that has always interested her.

    More about Stacey's Story

  • Formit Services

    Formit Services

    Jake knows his Employment Liaison Consultant (ELC) Ben Gauci from Ability Options is always ready to recommend quality candidates who are right for his business.

    More about Formit Services

  • Vai and Madison's Story

    Vai and Madison's Story

    Assisting young people aged 15-24 to move from education to the workplace, our unique skills based program in Holroyd is delivering great results.

    More about Vai and Madison's Story

  • Kenny's Story

    Kenny's Story

    “Never say no to opportunities,” said the unassuming kitchen-hand at Hank’s Seafood Co in Penrith.

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  • Zoe's Story

    Zoe's Story

    “Zoe’s profile fitted perfectly with our company’s needs," said Chris, who was looking for a capable Office Administrator for their growing Annangrove-based business.

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