No matter who you are, everyone needs a place they can call home. For National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants, Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) sets out to achieve exactly that.  

With a current unmet demand for SDA housing, there is an opportunity for providers to positively impact the lives of many NDIS participants, families, friends and loved ones by providing personalised accommodation solutions.  

As a leading provider of supported accommodation and independent living, our organisation is committed to supporting participants live the life they want in a home that is uniquely theirs.  

We have partnered with specialist disability housing provider DPN Casa Capace to build true for-purpose homes. Our most recent work alongside them has acquired new homes as part of further enhancing our accommodation services to better support participants.    

To DPN Casa Capace, their homes are built on the unwavering philosophy that functionality and beautiful design should be accessible to all. We see our new properties as achieving just that.  

Last month, we welcomed the first group of participants who moved into one of our new Spring Farm properties, with help from a small army of support staff. Now they’ve settled in, the residents are thrilled with their new home and can’t wait to explore their new neighbourhood. 

Spring Farm home


Not only are our Spring Farm homes sleek, brand new, and decked out with assistive technology, most importantly, they’re purposely designed with residents completely in mind. The functionality, accessibility, and safety of these homes work well in tandem with our human-centred support for the best living experience for our residents. A fantastic lifestyle awaits them! 

Find out more by searching our current vacancies to find accommodation that meets your needs. 

Note: these above-mentioned dwellings are designed to accommodate people with Improved Liveability and Robust SDA funding.  

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