Alise has always dreamed of becoming a graphic designer, ever since she completed her Bachelor’s degree in graphic design in 2019. She has also wanted to work for Vision Australia for quite some time, having developed a strong passion for working in the not-for-profit sector. After meeting Ability Options’ employment consultant, Jake, Alise’s dreams started to come true.


Jake found an opportunity for Alise at Vision Australia, working as part of the organisation’s Career Start Program. As soon as Alise saw the job advertisement, she became excited. She first received some tips from Jake on job interviewing and resume and cover letter writing, before applying for and securing her place in the program as a graphic designer.


Fast forward to today, Alise is now living her dream as both a graphic designer and an employee at Vision Australia. The Career Start Program has given Alise the opportunity to develop her skills in her field and grow her professional experience. She has also become more confident in applying for jobs independently, while also improving her job-hunting skills.


Alise wants other jobseekers with disabilities to know that although the process may be ‘daunting,’ the key to securing employment is to ‘never give up,’ ‘keep trying,’ and ‘sharpen your skills’ in job hunting, as she believes that mastering these skills will eventually lead to a job offer. Jake’s advice for current jobseekers is to ‘talk to your consultant and ask questions if you need assistance’ with looking and applying for jobs.


Alise has not only achieved an incredible goal, but she has also fulfilled her lifelong dream. We can’t wait to see her career thrive.



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