Julie has achieved her dream of being independent again, through opportunities provided by Ability Options and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Julie chose to work with Ability Options to plan her supports and to assist her to achieve her goals shortly after she gained approval through the NDIS.

A condition known as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, caused Julie’s vision to become impaired. This was a big change in Julie’s life and took some adjustment; she sometimes felt a sense of hopelessness or depression.

Kristy, a Case Coordinator with Ability Options worked closely with Julie to understand the services and supports that would be available to her. Once in place, these supports have helped ignite a positive and confident adjustment in Julie.

Since working with Kristy, Julie has developed skills including managing her house work, learning the ukulele and mastering her iPhone. These skills are helping her lead an independent, happy and fulfilling life.

Through her positive approach to life, and the support available from Ability Options, the future promises to be very exciting and rewarding for Julie.

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