A big part of what Ability Options does is support people in their communities. This can range from helping people find employment and develop key life skills, but it can also be through supporting people to improve their wellbeing.

Low Intensity Mental Health (LIMH) services can be profoundly beneficial for people going through tough times.

Participant Kimiley joined the Wellbeing Program as part of Ability Options’ LIMH service from a referral through the Head to Health phone line, struggling to deal with the aftermath of an incident involving her son.

“I’m a single mother of two, and after a harrowing incident involving my son, I recognised I needed some support,” she said.

Her experience with the program began with an introduction session, where she connected with her Wellbeing Coach to explore her intentions and set meaningful goals.

With the guidance of her Wellbeing Coach, she challenged limiting beliefs and replaced them with positive, rational thoughts using evidence-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) tools. Facing past trauma and intrusive thoughts, Kimiley embarked on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

“After talking through my experiences with my Wellbeing Coach, it was clear I was understood and felt supported,” she said.

“They have shown me so many things, listened to me, and helped me feel whole.”

Kimiley prioritised self-care and mindfulness, exploring coping skills such as meditation, journaling, and assertive communication.

Throughout the program, Kimiley experienced significant breakthroughs. She learned to set healthy boundaries, prioritise self-care, and engage in activities that brought her joy.

Using problem-solving skills and embracing present-moment awareness, Kimiley found herself more resilient and in control of her emotions.

With each passing week, Kimiley reflected on her progress and embraced her sense of wholeness. She learned to respond to challenges with grace and resilience, finding clarity and purpose in her journey towards holistic wellbeing.

Kimiley’s journey with the Ability Options Wellbeing Program is a testament to the transformative impact of non-clinical wellbeing services.

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