A group of NDIS participants on the Mid-North Coast were transported to automobile heaven following a recent outing to a motor vehicle festival.  

Grant, Warren, Michael, and Ashley are four participants who share a passion for vintage cars, bikes and everything in between. Their shared interest was in motion after the men organised an excursion to the Wheels ‘N’ Wines Festival at the Sherwood Estate restaurant with the support of Ability Options. 

Upon arriving early at the venue, the group, accompanied by Support Workers Michelle and Bec, were excited to put their car knowledge skills to the test.  

Events like the Wheels ‘N’ Wines Festival are experiences that bring people together, creating an atmosphere for friendships. For Michael, this trip was the perfect opportunity to grow and step out of his comfort zone. 

“I’ve been a fan of cars for a long time. Going to the Wheels ‘N’ Wines Festival gave me the chance to make friends with people who share my interests,” Michael said.  

The event was jam-packed with plenty of attractions and entertainment on offer. During the event, the men enjoyed a range of activities from seeing their favourite automobile classics at the car exhibitions to travelling back in time inside a vintage caravan.

Seeing the participants having fun together is something that brings joy to Support Worker Michelle. She hopes events like the Wheels ‘N’ Wines Festival will encourage people with disability to get involved in the community. 

“It’s a privilege to have played a part in supporting these men achieve their goals. I hope this experience will inspire others to get out into the community and develop their skills towards independence,” Michelle said.  

While there were many highlights throughout the day, wandering through the market stalls was everyone’s favourite. This provided Grant and Michael with the opportunity to buy a hat and key ring. 

Overall, everyone enjoyed the excursion and can’t wait to attend the festival again. The group spent the rest of the day listening to live music while eating delicious food purchased from the food trucks. 

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