Late last year, Ability Options Employment division, Olympus Solutions partnered with a local RTO/Recruiter (Inspire Global Group), to assist Woolworths to employ staff for its next ‘Dark Store’ in Brookvale.

Woolworths ‘Dark stores’ are closed to the public and are laid out like a supermarket to allow staff members to pack orders and ship directly from the store facilitating online orders for customers through the Sydney region.

Through that initial partnership, our Employer Engagement Consultant (EEC) formed a direct relationship with Woolworths and Jack Butler & Staff Ptl Ltd to assist them on an ongoing basis to find new staff. We have assisted them with numerous rounds of recruitment over the past 12 months. Olympus Solutions | Ability Options currently has 20 new or former participants still employed within the store, employed either as Team Members or Dispatchers.

Our Employer Engagement Consultant and our Job Support Consultant have an excellent rapport with a number of the Store Managers, and have experienced that they are always welcome to
‘pop in’ to see how our jobseekers are progressing and to iron out any concerns that may arise.

Our relationship with the Employer has also assisted us in securing Work Experience placements for people accessing our WorkReady service as well. To add to this, we also have four more DES participants and three jobactive jobseekers expected to start with the Employer this month.

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