“Flipping the lid” – What really happens when we lose control of our emotions?

The human brain is a truly amazing organ. It helps us stay alive and enables us to make sense of and respond to the world around us. When all parts of our brain work together, we can remain calm and connected, even during times of heightened emotion. However, there are times when our brains can cause some trouble, particularly when we become angry or anxious. When we experience emotions with intensity and temporarily lose control of our actions, this is called “flipping the lid... CONTINUE READING

What to expect during your first counselling appointment

Making the decision to reach out for assistance with managing your mental health is a big step and if you feel worried about attending your first session, that is completely normal. To put your mind at ease, here are some guidelines on what you can expect during your first appointment. It’s time for you and your counsellor to get to know each other. Your counsellor may provide you with information about their background, qualifications, and experience. Feel free to ask them any qu... CONTINUE READING

Counselling Team Feature

The Counselling team at Ability Options comprises of a team of registered counsellors, psychologists, and mental health social workers. They span across Sydney and the Central Coast and provide counselling supports to participants in our employment programs and the NDIS. The team specialise in supporting participants with a variety of mental health conditions including anxiety, depression, substance abuse and trauma. They dedicate their working day to improving the lives of others and are passio... CONTINUE READING