Over the past six years, small and medium businesses have created over one million new jobs. New businesses and established companies are always looking for ways to grow, and this doesn’t always have to involve complex investments, or new business plans.

Trialling a young person can grow your business in many different ways.

Work trials

Asking a potential employee to undergo a short work trial before hiring them can be beneficial to the growth of a company. A work trial is a way to evaluate the candidate and determine if they have the appropriate skills to be suitable for the vacant position.

A work trial is beneficial as it not only ensures that the best candidates are hired for the position but is also provides the employer with an opportunity to see the skills the individual could bring to the business. Another reason to introduce work trials into hiring practices is to see how more than one applicant fits in with the business’ structure and plans for any potential growth.

Training Programs

Training can improve both business performance and staff morale. When deciding to train staff, the business can determine what new skills their workers gain, targeting specific skills to meet the needs of the business now and for the future. When staff receive the appropriate training and upskilling, customer service and productivity improves.

When staff learn new skills, they are motivated to apply them in a business setting and are more loyal, as training is seen as the business investing in employees. By trialling young people and training them, employees become more likely to stay at that job, keeping retention rates and the company’s image high.

Transition to employment

By trialling young people, they learn the values of good customer service, attention to detail and the safe and proper use of equipment. Studies have found that employees with a disability have fewer occupational health and safety incidents and lower worker’s compensation. It has also been documented that people with disability take fewer days off than their colleagues without disability.

Among individuals with disability who have taken on work trials and gone on to secure employment, some now work in roles that were specifically designed in order to maximise their skills and abilities.

Growing your business

The jobs that new businesses have created in the last six years have more than offset the 600,000 jobs that larger firms have axed. In an attempt to grow their businesses, companies use a range of tactics. From launching new products or services, devising marketing strategies for sale increases and investing in new technology to achieve productivity gains, businesses are constantly on the go.

However, growing a business may be as simple as looking at hiring practices. By using methods like work experience and work trials, employers gain a look into the skill set and ability of different employees, allowing them to determine the appropriate hire for their business. By employing a range of hiring and training techniques and employing people of varying abilities, employers can grow their businesses.

Increasing productivity can increase sales and lead to the potential for a viable secondary business location. Hiring people who offer specific talents leads to expansion opportunities that could see the business achieve growth through providing new products or services.

The benefits of work trials for employers are numerous and can lead to opportunities for business growth. But remaining open and law abiding in the hiring process, through to the completion of the work trial is essential.

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