Nearly 15 years ago, not-for-profit suicide prevention charity R U OK? was founded to encourage people to ask others a simple question with a positive impact – “R U OK?”. This question is a springboard for people to notice the signs of mental health struggles, address social isolation and advocate for suicide prevention.  

R U OK? Day – the organisation’s national day has long been encouraging us to ask the question.  

This year’s R U OK? Day theme is “I’m here to hear”, insisting we all let the people in our world know we’re here, to really hear, because a conversation could change a life. R U OK? is calling on all Australians to let the people they care about know that ‘I’m here, to hear’, every day of the year. 

When we ask, “R U OK?”, this year, it is important we follow the theme in ensuring our loved ones know we’re there for them, and it’s more crucial we let them know the question is coming from a sincere and honest place.  

“You need to ask this question because you mean it. If you really care and want to hear an honest answer, be genuine with your ask, make space to listen and let the person know you’re sticking around for whatever comes next,” said Katherine Newton, R U OK? CEO. 

R U OK’s research found ‘more than four in five people who engaged in a meaningful conversation felt better about managing their situation having talked it through and felt supported, heard, and safe during the conversation.’ (fiftyfive5, 2023) Research respondents told R U OK? that important factors to encourage an honest conversation are trust, authenticity, and the environment they have the conversation in. 

This question is often an overlooked question. In today’s busy world, asking one question could change a life, whether it’s a friend, family member, colleague. It’s not always an easy conversation to have, but it is important we all try our best to check up on others.  

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Is one conversation enough? 

R U OK? Day strongly advises that we check up on each other all year round, offering ongoing support, not just for one day. Asking R U OK? and initiating a genuine conversation can have an amazing impact on someone, but what if this conversation might not be enough? When the going gets tough, there’s more support out there for people from all walks of life.  

Serious situations call for more than informal health promotion. Mental health has complexities that can be best addressed by more than a conversation. At Ability Options, your wellbeing is our priority. Our wide range of services embody our Vision, Mission and Values and further help participants identify and then reach their many life goals.  Ability Options’ Therapy Services can help you prepare for the NDIS, then work towards your health goals in order to live your best life.  


Ability Options counselling services are professional, reliable, and focused on positive outcomes. We offer one-on-one counselling and psychological services for people over 16 years of age. 

Our team of registered counsellors, psychologists and social workers can provide one-on-one counselling supports to NDIS participants. These supports can be provided for people who are experiencing a mental health condition, and we specialise in supporting individuals with anxiety, depression, trauma, and addiction. 

We support: 

  • NDIS participants with funding under the category ‘Improved Daily Living’. 
  • NDIS participants with funding for employment-related counselling under the category ‘Finding and Keeping a Job’. 
  • Employment services participants, with vocational counselling. 


Our comprehensive therapy services are provided through the NDIS, our employment services, or as a fee for service offering. We offer a personalised approach to: 

  • Developing goals with you, and the people important to you. 
  • Providing support and strategies to assist you to reach your goals. 
  • Working with you to measure your progress. 

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