As society progressively moves away from past prejudices, more and more positions in the workforce for people with a disability are appearing. No matter the disability, individuals can use their skills to achieve great things in the workforce. Everyone is capable of working and workplaces, meaning there’s a wide variety of available jobs for people living with a disability.


Financial institutions are considered to be one of the highest employers of job hunters with disabilities, with large accounting firms like PriceWaterhouseCoopers being one of the top employers of people with disabilities.


Accountants are responsible for keeping and examining financial records. Handling financial matters can be a great way to engage the mind while also playing to an individual’s math and finance skills. This job compliments those with physical disabilities due to the nature of the work, which typically requires being behind a desk for most of the day. To become an accountant, individuals will need a Bachelor’s degree in this field.


Technology-based careers are suited to individuals who have a keen interest in computers and the working of programs, and are ideal for individuals with intellectual disabilities that have this knowledge and prefer to work alone.

Computer support

Computer support specialists are IT professionals who manage and support computer hardware or networks for companies. This kind of work is suitable for different types of disabilities for many reasons. Firstly, accommodations can be made for those who are visually impaired or completely blind. This is done through the use of braille computer displays. Secondly, the use of voice commands can be of use to those who are deaf.


The repetitive and physical work that can sometimes be evident in trade-based works suits those with psychiatric or emotional disabilities. This type of work is normally set outdoors and can occupy a person’s mind and senses.


Welders are responsible for fabricating and assembling metal structures and equipment. The welding process can take hours and is the kind of work people can find themselves alone for hours doing. This job focuses on what’s happening in the moment, allowing people with emotional or psychiatric disabilities to escape from their mind while also completing a job.


Carpenters construct, install and repair structures and fixtures. This is a skilled trade that suits people who are good with their hands and have a keen eye for detail. Carpentry is a good career for those with psychiatric and emotional disabilities, and for those who are hearing impaired


There’s a place in the arts for everyone. From those who are deaf to those in a wheelchair, art doesn’t discriminate. As art is such a broad career banner, there are jobs suitable for everyone.

Music Production

Music production requires a talent for recording, editing and mixing songs and sound. This career would work well for someone who is visually impaired. This is due to the fact that in the absence of one sense, the remaining senses are often heightened. This is great for music production as individuals need a keen ear to make great music.

Performing arts

From television and movie actors to stage actors and arts producers, performing arts has a place for everyone. Hearing impaired individuals have proven in the past to have the charm to excel in areas like acting. Those with a vision impairment can also make great actors and stage singers.

Those with physical disabilities can also excel as performers as there are no limitations when it comes to what stories actors can tell. A career in the performing arts can be a great path for those with psychiatric and emotional disabilities, as the opportunity to play a role can be great fun.

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