It’s the week of our 2023 STAR Awards Ceremony!  

Our STAR Awards highlight, recognise and reward our people for the incredible work they do in line with Ability Options’ core Values of Trust, Respect, Inclusion, Courage and to Lead. 

We’re thrilled to partner with this year’s sponsors and are incredibly thankful for their generous support and contributions to the biggest night in the Ability Options calendar. Their contribution makes the night possible, allowing us to celebrate our people who support participants to live the lives they choose. 


Gold Sponsor: Speak Your Language

We would like to thank the Major Sponsor of our 2023 STAR Awards, Speak Your Language.

Speak Your Language (SYL) is an Australian owned and operated translation and interpretation company with the capacity to offer services for over 150 languages and dialects supported by NAATI certified quality interpreters and translators. Speak Your Language has established a panel of accredited translators and interpreters, most of whom have NAATI Level 3 qualifications or higher. As a result, SYL has come to be associated with service excellence, high quality translations, interpretations and outstanding value. Whether you need help interpreting or translating legal, medical, technical, website content, or personal correspondence, Speak Your Language can provide the solution. 



Speak Your Language’s translating services are a favourable choice for clients who work across different time zones or require a translator for those emergency translation needs. Happily, they can help to eliminate communication boundaries with their exceptional services in Australia such as: On Demand Interpreting Services Speak Your Language’s on-demand interpreting services allow you to pick up the phone and instantly access interpreting, whenever you might need it.  

Three-way Telephone Interpreting – Speak Your Language can facilitate conference calls with third parties to ensure communication is clear and in the client’s native language. SYL further offer outbound client calls up of up to five parties and reverse phone interpreting.  

Onsite/Face-to-Face Interpreting – Speak Your Language’s onsite interpreters are diligently prepared to come to your assistance in overcoming any potential face-to-face language barriers or other challenges. 

Video Interpreting – Another of Speak Your Language’s services is the ability to communicate with an interpreter in real-time through your preferred video conferencing app.  

AUSLAN Interpreting – AUSLAN (our national preferred sign language) interpretation is also offered by Speak Your Language’s trained and accredited staff.  

Further Interpretation – Speak Your Language also offer non-verbal interpretation and translation, such as the translation of any important documents. Please note that when translating any written materials, SYL will work closely with you to maintain confidentiality and integrity of both your privacy and the material and its translation.  

Contact Speak Your Language via:

A special thank you to Speak Your Language 

We would like to extend a special thanks to Speak Your Language, our Gold Sponsor of the STAR Awards for now the second year running! This consistent, ongoing support is invaluable and highly appreciated by our organisation. Your contributions to our event have helped us to celebrate and champion those passionate and dedicated individuals and teams across Ability Options who truly deserve it. Your endorsement of the event is beyond special for our people, who we know are beyond deserving of appreciation  


Our Silver Sponsors



We would like to thank this year’s Silver Sponsors: Brennan, CoAct Connect, Interleasing, Maxxia and Orchard Talent Group. 


Brennan is an Australian-owned systems integrator that has grown since being founded in 1997 to become the largest privately owned local player in the market. Headquartered in Sydney with offices across Australia, they to provide 24/7 services to their customers. Serving more than 1,400 business, enterprise, and government customers, the company continues to expand its services to meet customer needs. In line with this, the company has made seven strategic acquisitions and has established a new brand and division, Brennan Digital, to achieve timely solutions and support customers in their digital transformation journey by bringing together all their digital assets in one place. 

As organisations continue to be challenged by global and local economic factors, by a workforce who demands more from the technology they use and the IT teams that support them, and customers who have more choice than ever before – means selecting a Technology partner who not only provides modern IT solutions, but who can become an extension of your business, working alongside you to enable success. For over 25 years, Brennan’s expert team has helped businesses achieve real success through innovative and secure technology solutions.  

Brennan have proven expertise in driving tangible value for their customers by helping them transition to modern and innovative outsourced IT service solutions, back by their own tested and trusted systems and processes. Their continued investment in people, innovation, systems, and automation to better meet objectives mean their customers see them as an important, valuable, and trusted partner, as demonstrated by their world-class Net Promoter Score. 

We would like to thank Brennan for supporting our STAR Awards since 2021.  

Read more about Brennan: Brennan



CoAct is a national network of community service providers working together to create social and economic opportunities for participants and service partners.  

CoAct works together with job seekers, employers, community services and government to solve issues. Collaboration is at their heart, and they truly believe that when they harness the power of many, they can activate communities. CoAct was born as a result of problem solving, innovative thinking and collaboration, and those traits remain in their veins today. They’re what’s enabled them to be strong agents of change – in the sector, the community and most importantly, in people’s lives. 

When you register with CoAct, their dedicated local team invests in you from the start

They put you in the driver’s seat and act as your co-pilot, providing you with personalised support tailored to your individual needs to help you find the right job sooner. 

Quick statistics: 

  • 87% of job seekers recommend CoAct 
  • There have been 47.354 jobs placed across the CoAct network 
  • $17,696,177 has been invested into job seekers nationally 

Ability Options currently services both Workforce Australia and Disability Employment Services (DES) programs with CoAct. Our extended partnership with this for-purpose employment services collective of provides has created greater opportunities for participants and has given us access to a broader range of resources increasing our capacity to provide high quality outcomes. 

Read more about CoAct: CoAct 



Interleasing helps companies across a range of sectors in Australia and New Zealand maximise the value of their asset services through tailored fleet and commercial asset solutions. With more than 35 years’ experience, Interleasing’s services include asset finance, vehicle sourcing, novated leasing and fleet management for a wide range of assets. Interleasing is run by people who care about the work they do and who are also committed to driving what’s possible so their clients achieve their goals in-line with their company values. 

Since 2018, Interleasing has developed an active partnership with Ability Options in the providing of fleet management and leasing services. Interleasing are “experts you can rely on” with quality fleet and commercial asset solutions, Interleasing can help clients achieve certainty with their business objectives. 

Some of Interleasing’s many services include:

Fleet Management – Their expert fleet consultants can help you source, finance and manage passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, and even equipment.

Asset Finance Solutions – Interleasing has expertise in finance and the ability to manage your assets. This includes commercial plant and equipment, and passenger or commercial vehicles.

Commercial Vehicle Solutions – Interleasing can deliver you vehicles and equipment that are fit-for-purpose, productive and cost-effective.

We would like to thank Interleasing for also choosing to support our STAR Awards in 2021. 

Read more about Interleasing: Quality fleet and commercial asset solutions | Interleasing 



As Australia’s salary packaging experts, Maxxia is delivering real benefits and genuine savings. Now the country’s largest salary packaging provider, Maxxia has specialised in providing workplace benefits for over 30 years. These years of experience has led to delivering genuine tax-savings that help their customers do more with their money. 

Maxxia specialises in providing workplace benefits that deliver genuine tax savings, allowing employees to do more with their money.  Maxxia continues to pave the way for organisations in the not-for-profit and charity sectors by helping build effective programs for recruitment and retention of skilled and qualified workers. In-fact, Maxxia is Ability Options’ own salary packaging provider.  

Maxxia’s main two service offerings are:

Salary Packaging 

Why pay more tax than you have to? Maxxia’s Salary Packaging services mean you could save on income tax through salary packaging.
At Maxxia, they’ve been helping Australians understand salary packaging for more than 30 years. These types of benefits and the amount you can package depends on your employer and industry you work in. Maxxia has created some helpful resources covering all the benefits that could be available by industry when Salary Packaging. 

Novated Leasing 

As one of Australia’s largest novated leasing providers, Maxxia are about helping you get the car you want while also providing the convenience and potential tax savings that come with salary packaging a car. If you could pay less tax, get a great deal and enjoy budgeting convenience and the support of their expert teams through a novated lease, why wouldn’t you? 

We would like to thank Maxxia for supporting our STAR Awards since 2022. 

Read more about Maxxia: Salary Packaging and Novated Leasing | Maxxia


Orchard Talent Group  

Orchard has been there for social purpose organisations since their inception. Caught between unprecedented change, ever-shifting global dynamics and increased demand, these organisations and their people have shouldered more than most. Orchard is accelerating the evolution of these social purpose and human service organisations by reshaping and reimagining their workforces through steadfast and immersive support. 

The people and organisations that positively impact the lives of all Australians – that care for us all – need care too, and that’s where Orchard comes in. With optimism and imagination, they’re not only transforming organisations, but changing lives.   

Orchard are a firm led by their mission to “reimagine and reshape a workforce of care, so that we empower our partners to positively impact the lives of all Australians.” What underpins this is Orchard staying true to their values and demonstrating them every day.  

Orchard Talent Group provides a wide array of recruitment services across the Human Services sector, including: Aged Care, Disability Care, Children Services, Corporate & Shared Services, Government, Hospital, Mental Health and Public Health. 

Read more about Orchard Talent Group: Trusted Human Services Talent Partner – Orchard Talent 

We would like to thank Orchard Talent Group for supporting our STAR Awards since 2022.  


Our Bronze Sponsors



We further extend our thanks to this year’s Bronze Sponsors – Canon, DPN Casa Capace, Graphic Print Consultancy, HESTA, and Woolworths.

A special thank you to our most dedicated sponsors.

A range of our sponsors have been generous enough to support us for multiple years running. We look forward to continuing our partnerships with them for years to comeincluding: 

  • Since 2021, DPN Casa Capace and Brennan (formerly MOQdigital). 
  • Since 2022, Canon, Graphic Print Consultancy, HESTA,  Maxxia, and Orchard Talent Group.

We’d like to extend one last thank you to Speak Your Language, who have been our Gold sponsor for two years in a row. This kind of unwavering support is unmatched and highly appreciated.  

Thank you all for helping us to both celebrate and champion our passionate and dedicated individuals and teams.   




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