Alex is an Ability Options participant, who uses the WorkReady service at our Hornsby office. Recently, Alex has achieved one of his biggest life goals, getting his provisional P1 driver’s licence. Alex has been wanting to get his P1 licence for a long time and will now be able to drive on his own, meaning he can get around without relying on his family, giving him extra independence.

Since he began learning to drive, Alex has dedicated many of his professional lessons to improving his driving skills and gaining confidence behind the steering wheel. He has also persevered and worked hard to complete 120 hours of driving time, which is the required number of hours needed to get a P1 licence.

Once he felt ready and confident to do the test, Alex worked with his WorkReady Consultant, Regan, who supported him in finding an available timeslot to book a driving test. This proved to be a difficult task, as there were delays in securing a booking, due to post-COVID wait times. With Regan’s support and encouragement, Alex did not give up and checked the booking website regularly until there was an available slot to do the test. After a long wait, he finally found a timeslot in Bathurst and immediately booked his spot. He travelled to Bathurst, where he did his driving test and successfully passed.

Thanks to his hard work, dedication, and commitment, along with Regan’s support, Alex is now able to use his new-found-independence to explore new opportunities in other areas of life, including employment. One of Alex’s long-term goals is to secure meaningful employment. He currently has a casual job but hopes to get a permanent part-time job and says having his licence will open the door to different opportunities to achieve this goal.

WorkReady is a service that prepares and equips people with the basic skills, knowledge, and experience to enter or re-enter the workforce with confidence. Funding for WorkReady is available through SLES or Finding and Keeping a Job under the NDIS.

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