Brad, a participant supported by Ability Options, recently had the privilege of meeting Deb and Andy, his favourite celebrity TV couple from his favourite TV show, The Block, after a surprise visit was organised.

Brad has been a fan of the show for a long time. For him, meeting his favourite celebrity couple has been a dream he has always wanted to achieve, and it is something that meant a lot to him.

With the help of his Support Worker, Oliver and Support Coordinator, Lauren, Brad wrote a letter saying that he is a huge fan of The Block and how much he enjoys watching it. Towards the end of the letter, Brad also wrote down his wish; that one day, he hoped to meet his two favourite celebrities in person.

Brad’s wish was granted when Deb and Andy replied to him asking if they could meet up. Brad was thrilled and immediately shared the good news with Lauren. Knowing how much this would mean to Brad, Lauren, in secret, contacted the couple and organised a meet and greet event for him.

Brad’s wish became a reality when he received a surprise visit from Deb and Andy. Brad couldn’t believe his eyes and his face beamed with joy; he was finally meeting his favourite celebrities.

Brad had a great time chatting and getting to know the couple, as well as having some photos taken together. Lauren is very proud of Brad’s accomplishment and is happy to have been able to help make his dream come true.

“Watching Brad meet and interact with Deb and Andy was one of my favourite moments as his Support Coordinator. He was over the moon, knowing that his goal has been fulfilled. I’m so glad I could help him with his wishes.”

Brad felt surprised, yet excited to have met the couple. He thanked Deb and Andy for replying to his letter and for making his day very memorable. Brad says that this encounter is something he will remember forever.

“I couldn’t believe it was happening. It just didn’t feel real. All I did was write a simple letter and then, the next thing that happens, I am standing right in front of my favourite TV stars in real life. Meeting Deb and Andy in person not only made my day, but this encounter will live through my memory forever.”

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