Brendan joined WorkReady in September 2018. During this time Brendan worked vigorously toward achieving his career goal of employment within the hospitality industry and did so with a passionate determination, strong work ethic and an eagerness to learn. Brendan successfully gained RSA and RCG qualifications and obtained his Learners License.

Brendan would consistently express his love for his “local” – The Wyong Milk Factory. Brendan was in awe of this multi-faceted hospitality business, as it has its own cheese shop, chocolate factory, confectionary store, gym and café (just to name a few) all in one location. Out of all the different areas of trade, Brendan’s favourite place was The Wyong Milk Factory Tavern. With that information in hand, Brendan’s Work Ready Consultant worked fiercely to coordinate a work experience placement for him at the Milk Factory Tavern.

Brendan sucessfully secured a 6 week work experience placement at the tavern. HIs responsibilities included food handling, customer service, clearing tables, handling customer inquiries and complaints, processing food orders, cash handling, working behind the bar and general tasks such as organising cutlery and cleaning. Brendan didn’t anticipate how fast paced the nature of hospitality industry was but thrived and stepped up to the challenge.

The Food and Beverage manager was so impressed with Brendan’s work ethic and commitment, that he offered him a 4 week extension to his work placement with longer hours during over the weekends.

Whilst Brendan continued his work placement over the weekends he continued to attend all of his work ready commitments where he worked closely with his Work Ready Consultant on improving his confidence, stress management, cash handling, food handling and organisational skills via one on one mentoring, group training and within his participation of our Bunnings BBQ fundraising days.

As a result of all of his hard work and commitment we are happy to say that, starting in July Brendon will start paid employment at The Wyong Milk Factory Tavern.

Congratulations Brendan!

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