Hamish has been using our WorkReady service for the past four months. During his time with WorkReady, Hamish developed a passion for graphic design, having designed many logos for different companies. Sharron, Hamish’s WorkReady Consultant, supported Hamish to enroll into a Certificate 3 in Design Fundamentals, after having seen his potential, following a group presentation he did of his design for the recent Tokyo Olympic Games.


Since he started studying the course, Hamish has been making great progress in his coursework, learning different design techniques and how to use new software to design his assessments. Hamish has also been researching different artists, such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, for inspiration. Recently, Hamish submitted his first assignment, a 1960s album cover, called ‘Flower Babies.’


Hamish has become very inspired and motivated in following his passion, and both Sharron and Hamish’s TAFE tutor are very proud of his achievements. Hamish has shown a lot of promise around graphic arts and is wanting to turn his passion into a career. Sharron is determined to support Hamish to reach his career goal and is working on finding work experience for Hamish in a graphic design company in the new year.


Our WorkReady service not only supports young people prepare for work or further study, but we also support adults with disability who feel ready and motivated to move into work or further education.

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