Valentine’s Day is a day of giving and greetings among family, friends and loved ones. Valentine’s Day also gives us the opportunity to reflect on the importance of love and friendship in our community. 

Defining love 

In the modern world, one definition of love might not be the same as someone else’s. It could be the unconditional love felt and acted on between friends, families, and loved ones, or a romantic connection between partners. 

What does love mean to us? 

Earlier this month, the question ‘What does love mean?’ was posed to Ability Options staff. One answer stood out as particularly candid and representative of the organisation. The heartfelt answer came from Employment Consultant Anita of our STAR Most Valuable Team 2022, Seventown – Seven Hills and Blacktown’s combined DES team.  

“Love means to love someone unconditionally, with no terms or conditions. To love, is to be there when times get tough, to stand by that person. To love them for all their flaws, because truth be told, people can come with flaws, and that’s what comes with loving them.” Anita said. 

“Love isn’t meant to be easy, it’s a long journey and a process that we all encounter throughout life. Another part of loving someone unconditionally, is being a part of them as a whole; being present through both the good and the bad. An act of love could be hyping them up when they achieve their goals to being there for them when they might fail, saying “Hey, let’s try again”. Love is a journey. There’s no manual on how to do it. When you love someone with all your heart and soul, you become a part of that person.”  

Anita’s touching words ring true for every one of our over 1000 employees who continually embody Ability Options’ driving forces daily.  

Ability Options’ Services 

As a not-for-profit Employment and Disability services provider, we pride ourselves on delivering services that meet our Mission, Vision, and Values. We highlight everyone’s right to opportunity, choice, and self-determination, empowering people to achieve their aspirations and goals. We all want to support the special people in our lives as individuals, and as an organisation, we strive to continue providing quality services in a loving way each day. 

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