William has been attending Ability Options WorkReady service at Hornsby for two years, and recently he achieved a major life goal in obtaining his Provisional Driving Licence. This has been a personal goal of William’s for a very long time. He showed perseverance and dedication to complete 120 hours of driving, which was a massive endeavour and a fantastic achievement.


Once William had his licence, this allowed him to apply for many more jobs that he was interested in. He had previously said that he wanted to work in landscaping, water, horticulture, and/ or labouring, and these are all jobs which usually require applicants to have a driving licence.


After he got his licence, it didn’t take long for William to secure full-time employment, gaining a position as labourer on the Central Coast. He is over the moon working full time and has made significant progress in his position. He has completed many different tasks already, including loading and unloading materials, cleaning tools, operating machinery, preparing job sites, and digging trenches.


Even though William is completing full time hours every week, he is putting his hand up to complete overtime hours. He is so committed to working hard and going beyond the requirements of the job.


In addition to the work and skills building, William is making great connections with other staff, which is very positive to hear.


William has wanted a full-time job for over two years now, and it is an incredible achievement for him to finally reach this goal. You can see from the photo attached that he is very proud of this achievement, as he should be! So are we! WorkReady Hornsby can’t wait to see what is next for William.


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