What are disability employment services?

Disability employment services, also known as DES, provide choice and flexibility for people with a disability who are looking for a job. DES can be large organisations or small providers. They may be for-profit companies or for-purpose groups, or a partnership of organisations. DES providers are organisations that help people living with a disability to prepare for a job, find one and keep it. These services are tailor... CONTINUE READING

Best jobs for people living with disability

As society progressively moves away from past prejudices, more and more positions in the workforce for people with a disability are appearing. No matter the disability, individuals can use their skills to achieve great things in the workforce. Everyone is capable of working and workplaces, meaning there’s a wide variety of available jobs for people living with a disability. Finance Financial institutions are considered to be one of the highest employers of job hunters with disabilit... CONTINUE READING

The history of Ability Options’ uniform

Several years ago, we commissioned an artwork to act as a backbone of our (then) Stretch - Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). So delighted with the result, we included this piece more broadly in the design of our Ability Options polo shirt uniforms. These polos are worn pro...