5 Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity in the workplace means the acceptance and inclusion of employees of all backgrounds. A diverse workplace is an important asset, since it acknowledges the individual strengths of each employee and the potential they bring. Valuing the differences of others is what ultimately brings us all together and can be the secret to a successful, thriving workplace and a fair work culture.   What is workplace diversity? Workplace diversity means respecting and valuing the skills... CONTINUE READING

Unpacking the different types of NDIS supports

There are many different types of supports a participant can purchase through NDIS funding. They all aim to increase independence and inclusion in social and economic participation. We get asked a lot of questions about NDIS Plans and two of the big questions are, what can I do with the funding in my NDIS plan and what do these supports mean for me? There are three types of support budget categories in your NDIS Plan. Each support budget includes specific line items which describe the types o... CONTINUE READING

COVID-19 Update – February 2022

Like so many out in the community, our teams at Ability Options are also managing the impacts of the current wave of COVID-19. Our COVID Management Plans are working really well. We continue to support staff to stay safe and to help keep participants safe. We are also well stocked with rapid antigen tests (RATs) and are supporting everyone to get their booster vaccinations. We have Ability Options vaccination clinics coming up, which participants can attend if they want to by speaking with th... CONTINUE READING

Top Honour for Nola – Champion for People with Disability

Mrs. Nola Buck, Ability Options life member and long-serving Board Director has been awarded the prestigious Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for services to people with disability, and to the community. The entire Ability Options community is delighted and would like to congratulate Mrs. Buck on the recognition of her lifetime’s leadership, advocacy and support for people with disability.... CONTINUE READING

Ability Options is a TTP Provider

From 1 July 2019, providers of attendant care and community and centre-based activities have access to a higher support price limit through a Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP). The TTP assists providers with any costs associated in transitioning to the NDIS.   Ability Options is a registered TTP Provider.   The NDIA have increased existing service bookings to ensure the additional funds are available to be claimed, and do not impact the quantity of services provided to... CONTINUE READING

What causes epileptic seizures?

What is Epilepsy? Epilepsy is a neurological disorder (not a mental illness) and is often characterised by spontaneous or recurrent seizures. However, through medication and self-management of the condition, the chance of experiencing seizures can be significantly reduced. Does it start in childhood? Although epilepsy is more likely to be diagnosed in childhood, there is no specific age range when it can first occur. It can also occur later in life, in teen years, adulthood... CONTINUE READING

COVID-19 Update – August 2021

To all Participants, Carers and Guardians, I would like to present you some new information that keeps you safe. This information includes restrictions, closures, services information, and vaccination information. These are worrying times for everyone and we will continue to do all we can to support participants, families and staff. We continue to follow Health advice and Public Health Orders to protect participants, our families, colleagues, and the wider community. In our aim to support you... CONTINUE READING

Seabreeze and Bonville – New Mid-North Coast Respite Homes for people with disability now open

Ability Options has re-opened their Seabreeze and Bonville Respite Homes in Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour, following COVID-19 challenges of 2020 which led to an unforeseen year-long closure without Respite Services in the area. Respite Services provide short-term accommodation for people with disability and their carers to relax, or simply take a short break. This is either a planned holiday, or somewhere for... CONTINUE READING

How to reduce employee turnover

Employee turnover is something that every business with workers will experience. Yet, when employee turnover does occur, it costs the business time, money and productivity. Businesses with a high employee turnover don’t have to change their operating procedures. Instead, management may want to consider a few key strategies to keep employees happy and satisfied at work so that turnover rates can decrease. Why it’s important to reduce employee turnover While it is unrealistic to believe th... CONTINUE READING

COVID-19 first vaccinations day

We were the first disability service provider to be rolling out the new and approved Pfizer COVID-19 vaccinations. Participants were in Phase 1a, as were quarantine, border, and frontline health workers. The first 20 vaccinations happened at Castle Hill Medical Centre. This media event was shown live across the country and our own Disability Support Worker Mila Thomas was the 7th person in Australia to receive the vaccine and the first Ability Options employee. This hallmark event included... CONTINUE READING

COVID-19 Letters to the NSW Ministers

In light of the COVID-19 Booster Vaccine Mandate in the Disability Sector, Ability Options CEO Julia Squire has written to both the NSW Ministers for Health and Disability. The letters outline our dedication to vaccine advocacy, compliance with Public Health Orders/Work Health and Safety obligations...