William and Leeanne find a safe haven with Ability Options

  • May 15

Ability Options recently supported participants William and Leeanne move into their brand-new home. They are enjoying their new neighbourhood and can’t wait to make the most out of their new lifestyle. Prior to moving into their new home, William and Leeanne lived in NSW public housing. They were unhappy with the area they lived in and were hoping to find a home where they would feel more comfortable. William and Leeanne turned to their Ability Options Support Coordinator, Sara, telling... CONTINUE READING

Lynda finds new path to independence through her love of motorcycles

  • May 1

Ability Options recently supported participant Lynda move into her new home after spending six years living in a nursing home, and along the way she was able to reinvigorate a long-held joy of riding motorcycles. Lynda had been wanting to move out of the nursing home for a long time. She was not happy living there and felt she had completely lost her independence. Lynda, whose son lives in Port Macquarie, wanted to return to the Mid-North Coast town, so that she can live clo... CONTINUE READING

How resilience can help you build strategies for success

  • April 3

It can be society’s view that disability is a one-size-fits-all label that defines a person’s lifestyle. However, not all disabilities are the same, nor are they all visible. As someone who has lived with a disability my whole life, I see disability as a characteristic which forms part of a person’s identity and personality. I believe people with disability can achieve anything and lead happy and meaningful lives. What really defines a person is how... CONTINUE READING

Brad’s surprise celebrity encounter

  • April 3

Brad, a participant supported by Ability Options, recently had the privilege of meeting Deb and Andy, his favourite celebrity TV couple from his favourite TV show, The Block, after a surprise visit was organised. Brad has been a fan of the show for a long time. For him, meeting his favourite celebrity couple has been a dream he has always wanted to achieve, and it is something that meant a lot to him. With the help of his Support Worker, Oliver and Support Coordinator, Lauren, Brad wrote a... CONTINUE READING

Your Support: Vanessa, ParentsNext Consultant

  • April 3

At Ability Options, putting the people we support first is at the heart of everything we do. We are here to help you reach your goals and realise your potential. This Q&A is the first in a new series where we will take you behind the scenes to see how our people work to support you. In this issue of TheVoice, we speak with Vanessa, who is following her dream working as a ParentsNext Consultant to support parents in finding their feet in the workforce. Vanessa works in ou... CONTINUE READING

Sony’s drive for accessibility a game changer for people living with disability

  • January 31

Sony, the company behind PlayStation, is helping to make gaming a more accessible space for people living with disability with their latest announcement of Project Leonardo at this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show). CES has been around since 1967, bringing new heights to consumer electronics to the masses. Think mobile phones, gaming technology, cameras, accessories, and EVs (electric vehicles). Project... CONTINUE READING

Our GLAMourous LGBTQIA+ Social Programs

  • January 30

At Ability Options, we help facilitate social groups for people who identify as LGBTIQA+ to connect, socialise and partake in fun activities together on the Northern Beaches. GLAM, a social group that has been running for more than 20 years, was coined by the Northern Beaches Council. They described GLAM as “a group for anyone who identifies as LGBTIQA+ between 12-21 years old. A place to socialise, build up trust, friendships, and access su... CONTINUE READING

In the shark tank: Warwick’s educational adventure

  • December 12

Experiences that offer learning opportunities is something Ability Options supports participants to do daily. For participant Warwick, a keen interest in Australia's aquatic neighbours sparked his goal to visit The Shark and Ray Rescue Centre in Port Stephens. Sharks and stingrays often get... CONTINUE READING

The history of Ability Options’ uniform

Several years ago, we commissioned an artwork to act as a backbone of our (then) Stretch - Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). So delighted with the result, we included this piece more broadly in the design of our Ability Options polo shirt uniforms. These polos are worn pro...